The Poz Magic Show

A special MAGIC SHOW - with loads of laughter, magic, puppets, ventriloquism or make it a PARTY SHOW with Games, Prizes and a mini-DISCO if required.
PUNCH & JUDY - Poz presents the traditional show that is always a hit with children and adults alike
The HAUNTED CASTLE show featuring Winnie the witch puppet and a very funny talking skull, but the only one who gets scared is (yes you've guessed it) POZ. Ideal for Halloween...see the poster page
The YOHOHO Pirate show - lots of magic & fun as the children help POZ to find Uncle Pete's pirate treasure...plenty of audience participation plus Polly the talking parrot puppet. Available as a show or a complete themed party.
The POZ Christmas Show  featuring Desmond the talking Donkey puppet. Its the number one Christmas magic show for this special time of year.
Easter Bunny show with Magic, Puppets, Competitions, Easter Eggs and of course the EASTER BUNNY
Also available Cowboys and Circus themed shows but with a little notice Poz will create a special show for any theme!

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Poz with Desmond The Donkey

Contact POZ on: 07836 605032 or 01379 688222